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An American parked his BMW in a car dealership and then tried to buy it

A young American parked his BMW in a car dealership and then tried to buy it. He asked for help from sales specialists. The first person to fall into the trap was a young man who introduced her to the car as if he knew the information by heart.

The first hoax put on stage was the most successful. The young salesman told him that the car he wanted to buy had just arrived at the dealership. He presented his car in detail, told her about the performance and said that it was a good choice, especially due to the extensive package of carbon fiber elements that the model is equipped with.

In addition, he showed him that the car key was also on Board and invited him for a test drive. Therefore, the "client" I checked my own machine. The salesman at the dealership laughed when he heard that the car was actually even his, and that he was the victim of a hoax.
At the second dealer, the seller honestly told him that he didn't know what this car was doing here, and was even more surprised when he found the key on Board. The blogger then parked his BMW M4 between several divisions of the Dodge Challenger and insisted on buying it. Visibly confused, the agent explained that it was most likely a client's car and he could not sell it. The young salesman was perplexed. He had no idea how the BMW got there.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/
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